Some of our use cases

Options are just one of the many sources of insights that we make available for traders. Here are a few use cases to inspire your exploration with our tools. Be bold. Hope you have fun!

‚ú®Fat Neo's Wall of Fame

Generating 20% yield from MSFT

You heard it right. Using fatneo, one of our users has been writing weekly covered calls on MSFT. He looks at the potential one week range of MSFT and writes weekly call outside that range. He has made about $400 in a month (20% yield). If he keeps doing it for a year, he could make over $5,000.

Making money on TSLA meltdown

TSLA has had a bad run during Feb. It fell over 30%. One of our users believed that the stock had hit the bottom. Using fatneo's Kelly skill he knew the probability of upside is more than 50%. The volatility was high and so he sold a weekly $520 put and made over $1,000.

Profiting from the DailySpread

One of our users just shared a way to use our Kelly picks from the DailySpread to make money in a way that hadn't really occured to us until he shared it. Here's the tip, in his own words "just because of my positions (i.e. didn't have the stock to call) but have been buying at, holding "until" and selling at the [covered]call position and it's worked 5 out of 5 times"

Your use case here!

There's many more where these came from. Please email us at the DailySpread. We're excited to build for you.